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Apple USB-C Cable

Key Features:

  • USB Type-C to Type-C
  • Fast charging
  • Fast Data Transmission
  • Multi-Layer Protection

*The Price of this Product is Subject to Change without Prior Notice.


Apple USB-C Cable in Kenya

The Apple USB-C cable price in Kenya is Ksh. 5,800. The Apple USB-C Cable is a versatile accessory with USB-C connectors on both ends, enabling reversible connections and universal compatibility with USB-C-enabled devices. This cable supports fast charging and high-speed data transfer, making it compatible with a variety of Apple products, including MacBook and iPad Pro models. Built to Apple’s renowned quality standards, the cable is durable, wear-resistant, and comes in a 1-meter length.

Apple USB-C Cable Price in Kenya and Specifications:

Price in KenyaKsh. 5,800
TypeCharge and Sync Cable
CompatibilityiPhones, iPads, iPods
ColorBlack, White
Passed UL safety certificationYes
Multi-Protection, Energy Efficient, Less HeatYes
Allowed to carry on the planeYes
PortsUSB-C to Type-C

Package Content

  • Apple USB-C to Type-C Cable
  • CE leaflet
  • Warranty

Apple USB-C Cable Detailed Features:

Connector Types

The Apple USB-C to USB-C cable is equipped with USB-C connectors on both ends. This design enables a reversible connection, eliminating the need to worry about the cable’s orientation when connecting it to compatible devices.

Universal Compatibility

This cable is designed to work with any device that has a USB-C port. It can be used to connect various Apple products, including MacBooks and iPad Pro models, as well as other USB-C compatible devices.

Charging and Data Transfer

Similar to the USB-C to Lightning cable, the USB-C to USB-C cable supports both charging and data transfer functions. Users can use it to quickly charge compatible devices and transfer data between them at high speeds.

Fast Charging Capabilities

Depending on the power adapter and device compatibility, this cable may support USB-C fast charging. Fast charging can significantly reduce the time it takes to charge the device.

Build Quality and Materials

Apple maintains a high standard of build quality for its USB-C to USB-C cables. Durable materials are used in construction to ensure resistance to wear and tear. This durable design adds to the cable’s dependability and longevity.

Apple USB-C Cable Video:


Apple’s USB-C Cable – Quality with a Premium Price (Kenya)

Charge and sync your USB-C devices with Apple’s official cable, but be prepared for a hefty price tag in Kenya.


  • Durable Apple build: Known for longevity and reliability.
  • Fast charging and data transfer: Supports USB-C’s full potential.
  • Reversible connectors: No more fumbling in the dark.
  • MFi certification: Guaranteed compatibility with Apple devices.


  • Expensive: Ksh. 5,800 in Kenya – significantly higher than third-party options.
  • Limited length: Only available in 1m and 2m lengths.
  • Brand premium: You’re paying for the Apple name.

Verdict: If you prioritize top-notch quality and Apple’s seal of approval, this official cable is worth it. But for budget-conscious Kenyans, excellent third-party options offer similar performance at a fraction of the price.

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