New TVs, TV Mounts, and Cameras Websites

To provide you with an even better shopping experience, we’ve moved all our amazing TV products to a brand-new website, TV Store Kenya, dedicated solely to them! This dedicated platform allows us to showcase an even wider selection, provide clearer product information, and ultimately, offer you a smoother, more focused TV shopping journey.

Rest assured, our commitment to offering the best TV prices in Kenya remains unwavering. You’ll find all your favorite brands and models at the same competitive prices you’ve come to expect from Phones&Tablets.

Here is a Table to Help You Find Your Favorite TV Products and Their Prices

32-Inch TVshttps://tvstorekenya.co.ke/categories/308/32-tvs
40-Inch TVshttps://tvstorekenya.co.ke/categories/355/40-tvs
43-Inch TVshttps://tvstorekenya.co.ke/categories/309/43-tvs
55-Inch TVshttps://tvstorekenya.co.ke/categories/310/55-tvs
65-Inch TVshttps://tvstorekenya.co.ke/categories/311/65-tvs
75-Inch TVshttps://tvstorekenya.co.ke/categories/312/75-tvs
85-Inch TVshttps://tvstorekenya.co.ke/categories/313/85-tvs
TV Mountshttps://tvstorekenya.co.ke/categories/327/tv-mount